Are the needles single use?

Yes ! The law in Quebec requires acupuncturists to use only surgical grade stainless steel disposable needles during treatments. All other related equipment used must be disinfected according to established disinfection standards.

How much does an acupuncture session cost?

The fee is $80 including taxes for all types of treatments.

How long does a treatment last?

The duration of an acupuncture session is one hour. For about half of the session we perform the treatment with the needles, while during the rest of the session we discuss your case, the results of previous treatments and what to do at home to ensure effective treatment.

How often should I be treated?

In general, to start the sessions, a treatment frequency of once a week is recommended. In general, the longer your condition has been present, the more sessions will be needed to resolve it. The number of treatments needed to treat an imbalance with acupuncture can vary from 2 to 10, often with significant impacts after 3 or 4. But each case is specific. Sometimes one session is enough. We respect your body and your well-being, and if there are no visible results after several treatments, we will explore with you other alternative treatments or therapists.

Is my treatment covered by my insurance?

Many private insurance plans in Quebec recognize acupuncture and offer partial or even complete coverage of treatment costs. In addition, provincial organizations such as CNESST and SAAQ reimburse acupuncture treatments. At the federal level, Blue Cross insures veterans, members of the armed forces and the RCMP, allowing them to receive acupuncture services. In addition, as of July 2023, Canada Life will provide coverage for acupuncture costs for federal employees. In order to get coverage for the costs, make sure your insurance covers them and simply send your treatment receipt to your insurance plan.

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